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Prescott Downtown Partnership 20th Anniversary 

My goal for this project was simple - show PDP member businesses the way I wanted to, in my style. A little dreamy, a little blurry, abstract, with motion, different than what the eye normally sees.

The last couple years I've focused my photographic efforts on marketability. People need headshots, events need documenting, virtual tours on Google Maps are a great way to get eyes inside of local businesses. I haven't really given myself the time to do what I love with photography; to express myself fully in my work.

That changed, at least for a few weeks when the PDP contacted me with this project.

It was the first time I was commissioned to create the work that I wanted to create. Really the first time I was hired for my art. Shooting and editing this was bliss and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

A quick note on the pictures, the few crazy colored ones where shot with an infrared camera as was the exterior of the Hassayampa Inn.


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